July 23, 2011

not necessarily in this order....

i hope your weekend is filled with so much happiness
that you have to write it all down
we watched arthur {the new version} last night and laughed so much. i even shed a few tears at one point. if you love russell brand and want something light hearted to watch, i highly recommend this movie. tonight we're off to see justin and mila. i love that man and want him at my next dinner party. i know that's weird, but i just think we'd have a really good time. and since i dance anywhere, with anyone and he loves to dance, well...why not justin. right. 
maybe i should make a youtube video asking him over. oh wait. that's already been done. damn. and since i'm not overseas protecting my country, he'd probably laugh at my invitation.
{for those of you who don't watch the news, i'm sorry this doesn't make sense}


  1. Oh Justin & Mila...I get it now...first I thought it was the name of the film and then I realized you mean Timberlake and Kunis!! LOL!! It's the heat..that's my excuse and I'm sticking with it!

    I love your list...it's all good!!!!

    Enjoy your evening with J&M...(and I know what you mean about the youtube vid...)

  2. Beth,
    Ha ha, I don't feel bad now, because I didn't have Any clue of who you were speaking of. My goodness I am so behind in my movie watching, and "Stars" for that matter, ~ I need to get out more:}
    You always make me smile, and I pray you have a wonderful weekend...ML

  3. i LOVE your HAPPY list !!!!

    and love the new header too...really cute !

    i saw justin and mila on the Today show...he sure has a cute sense of humor....i'd like him at my bbq tonight and YOU too !!!


    have a FUN weekend, my friend

    kary and teddy

  4. I know! He's become one of my favorites after I saw him on SNL with Lady Gaga ... and with Matt Lauer on the The today show. He can not only sing, dance and act ... but he's funny!

  5. yeah, what a tragedy! :(

    i really want coneflowers in my yard next year. . . and i love random acts of kindness (holding doors for strangers is one). . . oh yeah, i love sharpies, too. they make sharpies that don't bleed through your page? b/c i just love recycled paper, and it's sorta thin...

  6. Since my job loss and,even before, I rarely went to a movie in a theatre....Netflix has to do.

    I saw Justin and Milla on Ellen - they're making the rounds! Cute couple.

    I love your list.

  7. I have no Idea what your talking about BUT your list I love!

    love 1,2,3,5,6+++,7,9,10+++

  8. I'd see you making a You Tube video to invite Justin over...Go for it! I'm sure you'd do it differently ;-)

    I love your Happiness List! Enjoy your fun week-end

  9. I love this photo and this post, Beth! You actually must be reading my mind because for the last three days I have been thinking about doing a Favorite Things post. I think I'll explore yours for a bit now instead! I love Russel Brand. I wonder if I could watch that movie tonight...? Hmmmm, I'll see. have a fun rest of this weekend. Kath

  10. i read, i understand lol..hey why not try it? who knows? maybe he would jump for you ? and think of what a fun post it would be. I'm betting this you tube invite thing is going to get craZy.

  11. I just adore Justin Timberlake. He is da bomb all around. :-)

  12. Many of the things that are on your list would be on mine as well ... love almond flavoring!

  13. Hi Honey !
    I love your sweet list. I hope your weekend is full of lots of those things.
    I will likely do the chick flick with my friend Sonia one night this week. I am looking forward to Ryan Gossling in Crazy Stupid Love at the end of the week.
    Lots of love to you on this fine summer weekend (it was 101 in Manchester, NH this afternoon - hawwwwwttt!)

  14. The list was wonderful; the text below it made me giggle.

  15. Such a cute post! I was just dancing with my kids and their dates last night at a bar in Brooklyn AND playing tabletop shuffleboard. FUN!

  16. Nice photo idea. Amaretto almond ice cream? Yum! I'll have to look for that at my local market.

  17. Love your inspiring list. I have to say - I agree with you on that last one about the sharpie markers. Something to celebrate - for sure!!

  18. thanks always for the fun inspiration - my ipod is now connected, bedsheets are in the laundry... and this girl is ready to dance!
    btw, justin would have a good time at your place - i know i do!

  19. It makes sense and go for it. Love, love freshly washed sheets, especially when they are dried outdoors on the line. Cinnamon anything is delicious! Hope you are having a totally delightful weekend.

  20. AnonymousJuly 24, 2011

    I love your list - all wonderful things and reading about them made me smile. Thanks for the review on Arthur - I do like Russell Brand - cracks me up just listening to him. And I'm a big Justin fan, too. So talented but doesn't seem to take himself to seriously. We watched one with him in it last night, too - quite an actor!!

  21. Wonderful list..a great start to my week :)

  22. Haha, you are too cute. I think you should make the video anyway. You never know!

    About your list: clean sheets. Ah! One of my favorite things!!

  23. AnonymousJuly 25, 2011

    That's such a perfect list.

    Think maybe I should order some Moo cards. Hmmm


  24. i do love me some russell brand.,, and freshly washed sheets.

  25. happy things, yes! and you are so funny :)

  26. Oh Beth,

    This made me giggle like crazy. I love Justin too! I don't know what it is, but there is just something about him. I think he'd be one of the people I'd ask over for dinner in my famous people dinner party.

    I love this picture. It would make a great poster. :)

  27. AnonymousJuly 27, 2011

    totally smiled at the thought of you and justin at a dinner party together...i want to come to that dinner. it would be a blast! :)

  28. Oh wow..do I ever miss thunderstorms. We don't get many on the coast. But to pair a thunderstorm with sleeping in during a thunderstorm... I can't think of anything I would rather be doing right now, now that you put that thought into my head.


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