June 28, 2008

wants and needs

I want
to sit
in your lap
and feel your heart pound
as you talk about your dreams
I want
to lay
on the ground
with our heads side by side
to see if what you see in the clouds
is what I see
I want
to dance
with you under the moon light
to see if our
move in the same direction
I want
to stand
with our backs together
to see if you know what
I'm thinking
if you can't see my face
I want
to talk
about life
for so many hours
that the only thing
that stops us
is sleep
I want
to hold
you so tightly that
we lose sight of where
you start
and I stop
I want
my wants
to be what you


  1. sperlygirlJune 29, 2008

    what a lovely photo and poem!

  2. Your writing always touches me. Your thoughts are so real and not so far removed from mine that I don't understand them but certainly more eloquent than what's rattling around in my head--thank you for putting the thoughts into beautiful words.

  3. what poetic simplicity. what love. how very, very well written. genius!

  4. oh my this is beautiful.. I love this. I wish my husband and I were just like this. we are far from it right now. to much going on and maybe it will never be. I used to be a hopeless romantic until I realized that maybe he was right LOVE was not everything. wish it was.

    peace to you,

    angelica torrez

  5. This so captivates me. What you write so very often tends to be what I am feeling (and uncannily, quite at the same time). We've had some bad news today, and this is so where I am...

  6. so much contained in a single drop and a single poem.


  7. This is beautiful. It needs to be a song. Sung by someone with a soulful, folksy voice.


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