April 28, 2008

a barn and an old stone house with bugs = camera therapy for me


  1. yes. yes. yes. yes. yes. My utmost favorite kind of thing to shoot photos of. I almost lost my mind in Italy, though -- way way way too much of these perfect crumbling stone house vignettes in picturesque fields with lovely cypress or live trees growing alongside (sometimes INSIDE) ... I think you and I would have a blast in an old truck driving down backroads looking for photo ops!

  2. Can I come toooooo..... I love old houses/old red barns. MO has a few down 70.. I should take a car ride before I leave...

    Another interest that I have been wanting to take pictures of is the cemetary. When I get to Chicago I know of an old cemetary that I want to visit and take pics of angel tomb stones. Sorry don't mean to sound morbid.

    Have a good one,

    Angelica Torrez

  3. Wonderful shots! pretty icky bugs, but the texture is outstanding! Thanks for the eye candy as always!

  4. That is a lot - o - bugs!!!!

    Where is this place???

    The stone house is very cool! Is it just abandoned???

    Love your new photo phase!

  5. Wow. These pictures are beautiful! I love the colour and texture (including the bugs). :)

  6. what a fantastic old place. YES definitely mana from heaven for a photo bug like you ! hey...what were those bugs....termites ? crickets ? sure were a ton. Just eating away I guess. Yeee.....

    Beautiful photos. How fun to explore that in the quiet...imagining who and what and where and how...

  7. great pictures but i do admit i was afraid those were cockroaches so of course i had to enlarge and they werent, thank-you!
    great snaps to you miss b!

  8. Hi, Beth! I'm back from craziness. Well, not really -- I'll still be crazy busy for a couple, but at least I have time to slowly begin to catch up on visiting.

    So, one big long comment on these stunning photos, but also recognizing the terrific posts below. You always give me cool things to think about (loved the picture!) and you really remind me to cherish the moment. I've been pushing off the cherishing to the side for a few weeks, as I try to dig out from the normal curve of papers on my desk and late nights.

    Getting back to the blog is a good thing.

    And I totally adore the camera therapy. The photos are terrific!

  9. I am trying to email you something about a Red Lead round robin project I want you to think about joining, but it won't go through! I have tried twice, don't know what the problem is. Are you a member of their Yahoo group. If so, go there and read about the itty bitty friendship book.

    I am doing it!

  10. Cool pix, but eww. That's a lot o' bugs! Thanks for sharing.

    And yeah, I'm catching up.


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