March 14, 2013

usually the monkey bars.....

i have always had a focusing {non-camera, more like a.d.d.} problem. something i really didn't know or understand until i was an adult in my thirties and then didn't really acknowledge until i was in my forties. i now know that in my case,  almost always without my permission, sneaky little randomness grabs the hand of usually clueless focus and forces her to run around on the playground in my mind with her. together, they usually choose the monkey bars.

i would be lying if i said winter wasn't kicking my butt, although my hubby said last night that he can't believe how well i've made it through this season. hello wool. i think you've pulled yourself over my hubby's eyes. snort.

i saw my first robin this past weekend. this isn't the one i saw. this is one from florida last year. ohhh, florida...stop calling my name. okay, now onto the randomness that made me start this post in the first place.

1. if you burn a scented candle in your home, please know that for some people {like myself} it can actually make them nauseous. or trigger a migraine. chances are, especially if you're trying to cover up a smell, the original smell is much more pleasant than the scented candle.

2. i love the song lyrics, "i belong to you, you belong to me, you're my sweetheart."

3. what are your favorite iphone apps?

4. did i ever tell you about using snapsort for comparing cameras, especially if you're shopping for one? look up in the left hand corner, where it says "compare." i think you'll like it.

5. was the TV coverage for the new pope, too much or just right? personally, i got a little tired of it and no, don't send me any hate mail.
that's all for now. baby girl millie has come over to play with her grandma.


  1. I didn't watch any coverage of the Pope. I went to mass a few times, a few years ago, with someone who was Catholic. I was very disappointed to hear so much dialog alluding to women being second class citizens behind men. On the light side, does Millie still have puppy breath???

  2. A double entendre by design? Focusing the lens, focusing on a task or both? lol

    Multi-tasking and taskers are actually rare.

    Ahh... the pope. Yes, well the world has a new one. Will it change much in my life... I doubt it. Does the church intrigue me. Definitely, there is so much history (the good, bad and ugly).

    With Spring tapping at our front doors, change and newcomers are welcomed. :)

  3. I only caught some coverage of the pope as i did not actively seek it out.....But i think with so much coverage it loses some of it mystery and as all women know some mystery is a good! Hugs! deb

  4. Love to Millie! And yes -- I can't even walk BY Yankee Candle it smells so much. Rick laid down the law on no scented candles at the table some time ago. (I can take a gentle citrusy smell and that's about it; he can't take that!).

    Have you tried and how to compare it to picmonkey? Just asking because I just discovered it.

  5. Understand about the candles; that and scented ads that come enclosed with a bill.

    The photos hold promise although we still have mounds of snow here.

  6. you know I love me a robin <3

  7. I have to be very careful with candles - only few don't trigger migraines for me. And perfume - I have to stay away from that and people who insist on bathing in it before they walk out the door. Ick.

    Apps: Flipboard, Tetris, Pinterest, geocaching. :-)

    I didn't watch anything on the Pope. Sorry, not Catholic. I hope he makes a difference for the good tho.

    Are you getting outside at all? February is my worst month and March means spring is coming. I work out a lot and get outside when I can. And dream about Sanibel Island.....

  8. I need an iPhone. Come October, I plan on getting one. And I love that song, too. I'm sorry about the candles. I need to remember that when you come to visit me.

  9. I actually thought you have done fairly well too with winter. I must say that first photo of blossoms is gorgeous. Didn't know about snapsort. Not shopping for a camera, but might look anyway. Enjoy your little millie.

  10. Your images are marvelous - as ever. My favorite app is called Cuptakes. I love it!

  11. Lovely and poetic....


  12. Omg!!!!! I want to see a robin too! One of my all time favorite sites is the first robin of the year.

  13. i have so many iPhone apps its hard to pick a fav ...

    maybe that get-away to florida you, reena, kate and i were thinking about could happen when i get back from paris in april?

  14. No robins yet. Did hear the crazy songs of the cardinals strating to get horny.
    Love the Lumineers !
    We're almost there.
    Hugs on your sweet bod !
    Love you, Friend.

  15. A robin is definitely a good sign.

  16. Thanks to you, I did use snapsort to help me with my camera choice. Just a few more weeks....spring and birds and nooooo more snow!

  17. Exquisite photos, the first one has an ethereal quality.

  18. Hang in there they tell me Spring will come, although New England weather has had me doubting . I have longed for flowers growing so much ... that I pulled up sunny photos of our farm from last year and posted them in my new post ~just so I could remember what is in store . Loved your post and the camera comparison tip.

  19. Yep, too much pope stuff for me. But then, I'm not Catholic. Love that first image!


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