December 9, 2011

that's it, i've had it....

the darkness that rolls in around 4:15 in the afternoon is depressing me. 
don't get me wrong. by the end of the day i love to be in my fuzzy pants and slippers watching a bit of television while i wrap gifts and drink hot tea. BUT that shouldn't start at 4:15.
tomorrow is a big day. a huge day. 
we have over 40 volunteers coming together to make another help-portrait event in madison a success.
we have signed up over 200 families that will get treated like kings and queens 
while they get free photographs taken of themselves and their families.
squeal. i can't wait. 
this is my third year to be part of HP and it has grown like a weed. a really good weed.
i hope you have a help-portrait event in your town tomorrow, too.
do you watch the today show? is ann curry getting on your nerves, too or is it just me?

our son has been summoned for jury duty and being a full time student does not excuse him.
for this, i am hugely irritated. for the first time ever, he is loving and doing well in school and to think that he may have to miss class because of some bozo doing something illegal, burns me.
are you an iPhone lover. are you on instagram. 
if you are, do you want to be friends?
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  1. I love your new header, by the way :-)

    You are so kind to be involved with the help portrait event. I'll get the courage to participate next year, if they have one in Vancouver.

    I have switched the Blogger dynamic views (classic) on my blog and feel all alone. Let me know what you think.

  2. Really?? A full time student cant be excused til school is done? That hardly seems logical...and not just because I am an educator and a mom. I dont get it. Really. LOVE your bird photo, beth. Have fun tomorrow!! Hugs, kath
    PS. I have been taking vitamin D everyday to try to cope with going to work in the dark, and driving home from work in the dark...with one headlight out now. Ugh. Ugh. I need sunlight! Daylight!

  3. I don't have any TV service. I got to the point where I hated paying each month for the two, maybe three channels that I did watch. So no, I don't watch the Today Show! I don't think I ever cared for Ann Curry the few times that I did see it though.

    And I thought getting dark at 5:30 was bad. I won't be complaining anymore about it cuz it's better than 4:15!

    What a really cool event! I have never heard of it before! Have fun! I know those families will appreciate what y'all are doing!

    Great photos!

  4. I think the early descent of darkness would drive me mad too, but there is some compensation on the work you're doing, surely. how wonderful all those help-portraits. And to me jury duty is a necessary outrage.

  5. Ann Curry has always gotten on my nerves. Now that she replaced Meredith she bugs me even more.

    I don't have an iPhone. Simply can't justify owning a piece of technology that I would only use once or twice a month..... seriously, we rarely use the cell phone that we now have. The Instagram is kind of nice looking.

  6. i remember those days of the dark setting in so early, from my childhood in illinois. i found it depressing, too...

    that photo of the bird looks like a painting!

  7. love that house finch photo. good luck with the family photo fun tomorrow! i remember you doing that last year! wow, time flies!

  8. Students should be exempt from jury duty, even though teachers aren't. It annoys me, too. Hope you have a wonderful time at the shoot tomorrow. Oh, what am I talking about? I already know you will. xo

  9. what a neat thing you are doing with the portraits. there are so many that can't afford it and what a wonderful thing to get to have; you go girl!

    I love Ann Curry; but I don't get to watch the Today show every day so I really can't comment.

    I'd be burned about jury duty for my child in school, too....

    and finally, may I just say.... what the hell is an instagram?? I keep seeing it pop up in people's blogs; I hate being so out of touch...

  10. PS: love the shots as always; the little hint of red on the bird....

  11. oh, i adore your little bird!

    enjoy your photo day! what fun!!

  12. Oh Beth... my 19 year old daughter (who is a full time student AND works full time) was called for jury duty last spring... just in time for finals. They delayed her jury duty until summer. June was spent serving as the foreperson on the grand jury, even after we had all told her that there was little chance that a 19 year old daughter of a police officer would be kept on any jury. Proves how much all of the adults knew. I think she loved every minute of it.

    Here's hoping it goes well for him... and that you have a wonderful time taking portraits tomorrow.

  13. I love the help-portrait idea!
    Really would love to be a part
    ...thanks for the reminder.
    These dark days will begin to
    lengthen soon enough....January
    is barreling towards us!
    I do love January skies.
    Happy weekend,

  14. I haven't been by to see you. I MUST put you on my front page so I don't forget because I love your blog.

    Your photo event sounds very memorable for all those families. What a terrific thing to do.

    I don't watch morning TV. I used to but grew so tired of it and stopped several years ago.

    I don't have an iPhone but just bought an iPad. Have you joined Google+ yet? There is an amazing photographers group. If you join, let me know and I will share the Circles with you. I imagine you would enjoy it as much as I have.

  15. That jury duty thing....don't get me started. I bet you're looking forward to your portrait project in Madison, I remember seeing photos of last years even. Could a year have past already?
    And the little birdie..awesome shot.

  16. I want Andriod to join the instagram hoo! And I so wish I could do help portrait! Have a blast tomorrow!!! Ha...haven't watched the Today show in years...thinking that's a good thing too. :)

  17. I think the "help portrait event" is fabulous! I sure hope you can share some of the portraits. I love them. It is such a wonderful event!!!
    Oh and I don't watch the Today Show...I find all of them irritating. Ha!!
    I watch Good Morning America!

  18. Whoever won't let your son out of jury duty should be smacked, hard, upside the head! As to the person in court, give them hard time...make it extremely nasty for them to do something bad again so they won't return.
    Yeah. Makes me angry; I blew right past irritated. -LOL-

    As to the light, I use OTT lamps and they are *wonderful*. It's a natural light lamp and truly helps with increasing hours of darkness. Although, we've only until the 21st and then we're back to lengthening days of light...hurrah!

  19. The bird in a tree is simply wonderful......would make a lovely print.

    Yeah, this getting dark earlier is kinda creepy.....I love my daylight.

  20. Gorgeous, gorgeous photos. Don't watch the today show. Have a totally awesome day, can't wait to hear all about it.

  21. i instantly fell in love with your bird, and also once again exclaimed, "I love that girl's eye!"... enjoy your day - can't wait to see your blog postings!

  22. Oh wow that bird photo is absolutely spectacular! I love the splash of red popping out from all the delicious gray.

    The whole today show gets on my nerves. Except Al, he just smiles too much to be annoying.

  23. really gorgeous!

    what a lovely bird. and the second image is also fantastic!

  24. Did you know the sun is setting two seconds later today than it did yesterday? We've made it through the worst part...
    I am hopelessly addicted to instagram.
    I tried to find you, but it didn't work. :(
    I'm kjhp on there. Maybe we'll bump into each other.

    I read your blog all the time - I enjoy your words and images lots.

  25. Do you know I have followed this event with you from the start. It is such a great project, I know you are making such a difference Beth, you touch us with your photos and your stories every day......I am hoping your son will not miss too much school for for an iphone, I still don't have a cell phone....maybe in the New Year, naaah not hugs have a great day.

  26. I think this is a wonderful idea! Very sweet, giving and a blessing...hmmm sorta like Christmas... :0)

    I love your first photo...gaaaaaaaaawgeous.

  27. What a wonderful project! I've never heard of it before... I'm with you on the early sunset... yes, Ann gets on my nerves too... and I do think it's silly that your son's academic life is jeapordized by someone else's criminal activity. It's important, but students should be given the chance to be excused if they need to.

  28. Good of you to do the portraits, using your talent to give at Christmas.
    You must live close to The Netherlands. It gets dark there around 4ish shich drives me mad, depression. I took it last year but no more at Christmas. I had to take extra medicine in the dark so much. Enno likes to light lots of candles when it is so dark. Try some more. xo Jenny

  29. These photos are gorgeous -- especially the one of the bird. I gasped when I scrolled down to it!

    And yes, being a student should be a jury deferment.

  30. i so love this.

    and yes... how 'bout this constant gray weather? enough to make one go crazy! =(

    ummm... how is it that i am an iPhone lover and i don't even have one. i just lust for one! *sigh* thanks for rubbing it in. i wish we could be instagram friends. but i'm not that cool yet! =)


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