January 7, 2009

as good as it gets.....and it's really that good !!

I just couldn't help myself
had to play in the rocks
this morning
on our walk
to show you
how big my heart gets
when I'm in
you were probably expecting
a beautiful shot
of the ocean
weren't you
maybe tomorrow
is sophie having fun here
you ask
she is loving every minute of it
the seaside community is
very dog friendly
she can go everywhere with us
this afternoon we sat outside at a little french eatery
while we
dined on quiche and crab cakes
they brought her a big bowl
of cold water
just because they love dogs
come on
does it get any better


  1. i love that....dog friendly.
    not here in indiana! not at

    love the images and love that you
    are somewhere warm enjoying it.

  2. Hi! Lucky!!! But Beth you are missing the fog, the snow for tomorrow, the frigid temps for next week- you know- typical midwest winter. I bet Sophie is lovin every minute and she doesn't have to wear her sweater! Enjoy!
    Can't wait to see what images you capture~

  3. your there ! I will to enjoy this time with you thru photos and words, eat lots of seafood

  4. You made it!!! Woo hoo -- yes, soak it all in, but Beth, OCEAN SHOTS ARE MANDATORY ... however, the one of Sophie on the porch swing is a greeting card if EVER I saw one ... holy cuteness!!!

  5. ocean shots, YES! come on, rub it in a little more... did i mention it is snowing here today! Beautiful white flakes of gorgeous soft, sweet snow, falling so peacefully to the frozen solid ground. oh, it's so nice here...who needs the ocean when you have all this?! besides i need an ocean of lotion just to keep my dry winter skin from itching.... and putting on a bathing suit right about now just sounds like a bad joke waiting to be told. BUT YOU, it sounds like you are right where you need to be and that, well that is the best thing!
    you are thinking of me, right? and wishing i was there? lol looking forward to seeing your ocean view from here.... and a self portrait! ;-)

  6. your photo of the heart is amazing! I love it! Happy to find your blog thru Misty January Journaling!

  7. Now THAT's a restaurant -- quiche, crabcakes and dog friendly. And no sneaux. I'm thinking Ms. Beth is happy!

  8. That picture of Sophie is absolutely the best, so sweet!!!!
    Enjoy the time with your darling dog.
    John too, tee, hee, hee.

  9. That image of Sophie is better than an ocean view. I'm still grinning.


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