January 21, 2008

the WHO and now we know HOW......

How do so many birds consume so much birdseed ??
When they're not alone, that's how !!!
Look closely here...Maxine decided to play it safe and stay on the ground, but Charlie {big man that he is} decided that the better food at the "birdfeed buffet" would be had if you sarted at the top and worked your way down.

If you're amused with these photos, please feel free to come out anytime and join John while he cleans up the mess they leave behind...okay, you caught me !!! because I'm totally amused myself !!
Do hawks ever get desperate enough to come to a feeder...or at least to the ground below it ?
Check your watches eveyone...I thought lunch was at 12:15...where are you guys ???
Ohhh....so I messed up. So we're eating today at 3:43 !!

So glad you could join us Edna...car pool line run a little late today ???
(sorry, I couldn't resist a little deer humor)
{if you really want the full visual on these great photos -courtesy of our critter cam-just click on the photos !}


  1. I love critter-cams!! I also have a special affinity for hawks, so thanks for that photo as well. They must be my spirit guides.

  2. yes, this made me laugh.
    And I'm happy I don't have to clean up the mess.

  3. i love these pictures!!
    we need critter cam at good manor!
    thanks for feeding these stinkers!

  4. i want a critter cam! just exactly what type of critter is "charlie". can't figure it out!


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